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The Science Bit

BabyDay… to celebrate the power of creativity and the unique connection that it makes: connection between parent and baby, connection between communities, and how vital these connections are for a happy future for all of us.

Over the past decade, the study of what happens to our brain in our formative years has moved forward in leaps and bounds. Early Years neuroscientist Dr Suzanne Zeedyk explains that not only does the first three years of our life determine our behaviour in later years, it actually changes how our brains are formed. If those three years are so fundamental to shaping who we are as people, shouldn’t they be filled with experiences which are stimulating, beautiful, challenging, imaginative, soothing, musical, creative, exciting, calming?  We think so…

“The evidence about the importance of children’s early experiences is pouring out of scientific labs. It is delightfully creative to have an arts organisation working to bring those insights to life. BabyDay should inspire entire communities to celebrate the importance of connecting with our babies — which is exactly what babies’ brains crave. Let’s hope the idea of BabyDay spreads beyond Belfast’s boundaries as rapidly as Replay has dreamed.”
Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, Developmental Psychologist, Director of Connected Baby and Inspirational Voice on BabyDay

Belfast BabyDay in 2015 was all about connection – the hope that connection can bring, about how crucial connection is for the future and for the family that Belfast can be. And isn’t connection what all art is about? The craving to connect – with minds, with hearts, with emotions. With people. And the quality of that connection starts even before we are born.

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