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Baby Science

In 2015 Replay Theatre Company brings the world’s first BabyDay to Belfast!

BabyDay is about how crucial creative and imaginative experiences are in the first few years of life. Neuroscience has proved conclusively that experiences in the first three years of life don’t just affect behaviour but actually impact upon brain formation and have a lifelong legacy. One of the leading champions of this research is early years neuroscience guru, Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, who is also one of Replay’s BabyDay Inspirational Voices.

Replay’s first public event on the road to BabyDay is an opportunity to find out more about the WHY? of BabyDay – a screening of Dr Zeedyk’s film The Connected Baby.

Describing herself as a scientist fascinated by babies’ innate ability to communicate and connect, Dr Zeedyk says:

“Imagine a world with fewer heart attacks and prisons, better paid childcare staff, happier marriages, more laughter – and a reduced national tax bill along the way. This really is possible if we understand what the science of human connection is telling us.”

To find out more about this free screening on Tuesday January 13th, please get in touch. Capacity is limited so booking is required and tickets will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

BabyDay is a Creative Belfast project funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council with community partners Belfast Childcare Partnership and the East Belfast Early Years Network.

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