Reaching the four corners of Belfast

Bear Hunt

Our key community partners for BabyDay are the East Belfast Early Years Network and the Belfast Childcare Partnership.

We’ve been working with every single Sure Start in Belfast and a range of other community groups since August 2014, making sure that everyone is part of BabyDay.

In autumn last year, we toured our babyshow TiNY for six weeks to Sure Start centres and community venues to begin the conversation.

And we’ve been all over Belfast for the past three months, spreading the word about BabyDay and getting all of the Sure Starts involved in a fun workshop programme that’s all about arts at the heart from the very start!

We’ve been making superhero capes with older children, exploring what it might be like to be an older brother or sister to a new baby, having a bit of a boogie with Sling Swing NI (dancing with babies in slings!), going on magical nature walks and the cast of Replay’s babyshow TiNY have been leading playful sensory sessions with the tiniest of babies.

It’s just a taste of the great big bundle of arty baby joy that Belfast will be on BabyDay!

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