Belfast BabyDay Lullaby by Neil Martin


One of the highlights of BabyDay will the world premiere of a Belfast Lullaby written by award-winning Belfast composer, Neil Martin and sung by the Belfast Mamas and Papas at City Hall at the end of BabyDay.

If you’d like to be part of this popup singing group, contact our amazing Lullaby co-ordinator here to find out more. There’ll be a few rehearsals in August in every corner of Belfast before all of the groups get together for the day itself!

Although we’re calling them the Belfast Mamas and Papas, grannies and granddads and uncles and aunts and godparents and great-aunts and neighbours are all welcome to join their local group.  No previous singing experience is required and there will be no auditions!

The groups will be led by musician Clare Galway who is not only one of Replay’s TiNY cast but is currently growing her own baby just in time for BabyDay!

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