Punch Lion Kids’ Comedy Club! – Belfast Comedy Festival

Black Box

£5 for children. £7 for adults. £20 for four person (least one adult).

A family friendly stand-up comedy show for kids! AND BIG KIDS!

A family friendly stand-up comedy show for kids! AND BIG KIDS! We bring top comedians from the comedy circuit with silly jokes to make you giggle and grin and laugh out loud.

We have a fantastic show coming to the Black Box with three brilliant performers. Come to the shows for knock, knock jokes and silly songs. Nonsense word play and stories of pongs. Big loud mime and funny faces. Laughing loud at weird voices. Making your belly ache with laughter! Lots and lots of things to talk about after.

Our MC is Andrew Stanley from The Comedy Cellar and The Laughter Lounge, Dublin and a regular atQueen’s Comedy Club. He’s also a big fan of wrestling and Pikachu!

Paul Currie and Paul Tylak are also performing in what must be one of the best value comedy shows of the year!

The big kid behind this awesome, friendly, funny club is Mark Stanley a.k.a. Punch Lion. A finalist in Channel 4’s So You Think You’re Funny Competition and co-producer of FunnyFest, a festival of comedy for children, in 2014.

Recommended age 6+. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

The Performers:

Andrew Stanley is resident MC at the longest running comedy club in Ireland, The Comedy Cellar. A regular performer on the U.K. comedy circuit. He has also performed in Australian, New Zealand and Canadian comedy festivals. Andrew decided to be a comic when he travelled to Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He saw a performance from the Australian comic Brendan Burns and it inspired him. Andrew loves his big hair, Pikachu and wrestling! When he grows up he wants to be an airline pilot.

“…the comedy tsunami that was Andrew Stanley. It’s rare, outside of the Fringe, to see a comic so clearly destined for the top, but with astonishingly good observational material delivered and timed to perfection there’s no doubt about the destination of the young Irishman’s career.” The Scotsman (2011)

Paul Tylak is a writer, actor, comedian and voice-over artist. He appeared in Father Ted, the award-winning Stew on RTE and performed in Oscar-nominated The Secret of Kells. He’s a regular performer with the Dublin Comedy Improv. Paul is a joke machine. Yes!, a machine, and he makes amazing jokes. But watch out, they are very silly and they make no sense but they are the best and silliest jokes you will ever hear. He plays a tiny guitar too or maybe his hands are very big?? Paul is nearly grown-up now and he plans to be a Doctor….not a REAL one!…….a JOKE DOCTOR!

“Tylak is one of the most naturally talented character comedians Ireland has ever produced …a one-man Fast Show.” Brian Boyd, The Irish Times

Paul Currie is a critically acclaimed and unique act from Belfast. A former street performer, Paul began performing stand-up in clubs in 2004 and won the Derry Big Tickle new comedy award in 2005. His first one-man show played at Edinburgh in 2009 and he was part of the Avalon Comedy Zone in 2011, before returning with shows in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Paul is a very hairy very silly clown but with no red nose, instead of a red nose he has a red beard! When he was little he wanted to be a duck and wanted all his friends to be ducks because Paul finds grown-ups very serious and scary, but he didn’t know how to be a duck so he slept with rubber ducks under his pillow in his pockets, under his hat, even had ducks in his socks! Paul’s best friend is a monkey called Mr Brambly Aftershave. Their favourite game is climbing trees and chasing squirrels with silly songs! When Paul grows up he wants to be a salad sandwich with a house made of pensioner’s giggles.

“Wish I’d seen him sooner, I’ll be back to see him every year now. Paul Currie was my favourite comedy show of the Fringe.”Stewart Lee (2014)

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This event is co-hosted by the 2015 Belfast Comedy Festival. To view the full programme click here.