pic for Smellfast

Smellfast’s Marvellous Smelting Spot – Lift Arts

1 hour

Crescent Arts Centre

Sounds, smells, stories, crafts and dances with marvellous creatures from around the world!

Into the mixture they put all their hopes, their words, their stories, themselves….

Gruesome beasts and fairy tales,

Songs of countries new and old,

Dancing creatures with eyes that see,

How being different makes me ME.

We’ll mix it up, we’ll stir it through,

Make the magic, marvellous brew.

With so many stories to be told

Nobody knows what the bubblin pot will hold.

Sing and dance to sounds and smells from around the world with the marvellous magical creatures of the Smelting Spot.

A crafty, musical, interactive adventure for children of all ages and abilities, based on kinaesthetic learning techniques.

Brought to you by Lift Arts, the Independent Artists’ Forum to feed young imaginations.

This event will take place in Workshop 4 in the Crescent.

Drop in craft and dance activities will go on until 2pm.

Donations welcome.