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The huge success of BabyDay was only possible with the support and involvement of many extraordinary volunteers who shared the BabyDay philosophy of inspiring hope, celebration, connection and inspiration.

So, a big shout out to…..


The Belfast Mamas and Papas

We commissioned the Belfast BabyDay Lullaby from award-winning Belfast composer, Neil Martin, and then started a popup singing group in each corner of the city to learn and record this brand new lullaby written especially for BabyDay.

Although we called them the Belfast Mamas and Papas, grannies and granddads and uncles and aunts and godparents and great-aunts and neighbours were all welcome to join their local group. No previous singing experience was required and there were no auditions.

At the very end of BabyDay, we gathered everyone together at the front of City Hall and sing along as the strains of the lullaby drifted out of a giant sound system over the city!

Hear the BabyDay Lullaby!


Our BabyDay Marketplace

One of the many events on BabyDay was our BabyDay Marketplace, right at the heart of the action at City Hall – an opportunity for businesses, organisations, companies etc to showcase their services and goods to a family audience.



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